A Great App for Kids with Reading Difficulties

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July 31, 2015
Visual Reading is a great reading app for kids having difficulty reading  just words and also for those suffering from having  autism and dyslexia. As a teacher or parent, you can create storyboards and use your won videos and images to associate with words. Your kid can then read the story either through words or with the help of the visual cues you provided.

Visual Reading offers a variety of features that help parents enhance their kids reading experiences. Some of these features include: assign your own images and videos to words,  a library of over 760 words-to-images to use in your stories,  unlimited user books and Book Pages, record your own audio narrative, listen to your book words using built-in speech, and many more.

‘Created by a parent with an autistic child, the idea of associating images to words was inspired by a bedtime reading session. The child was able to read and understand the story when the parent pointed to various images on the book page, whilst reading and pointing at the words. This helped in making a strong connection between the word and the image.’

Visual Reading is a bit pricy, it costs $16,99.

Watch the video to learn more about Visual Reading

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