Two Excellent Apps for Creative Writers

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For serious writers looking for some very good apps to help them with their everyday writing, the two apps below are definitely what you are looking for. Both of these apps are available for Mac users at a reasonable price. Some of the features provided by these apps include: clutter and distraction free writing environment, simple yet powerful formatting options necessary for pure writing and a bunch of focus-enhancing functionalities to help you get your ideas on paper.


Typed provides writers with a powerful set of tools and features to enhance their writing experience and help them stay focused on the task at hand. It offer a clutter-free writing environment and embeds a wide variety of features that include: word count, automatically saves work, supports retrieve and edits, provides 8 calming soundtracks to help you concentrate on your writing and many more.


Paragraphs is another wonderful writing app designed specifically to help you take your prose writing to the next level. With no distracting menus and no formatting options, Paragraphs has an ideal writing environment to help you focus on your writing. Select from 4 layout and font options optimized for writing. Or switch to dark mode for writing at night or a low light setting.