The 10 Most Popular TED Ed Videos for Students

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One of the wonderful video resources we have been recommending for teachers and students is TED Ed video library on YouTube. This library features a wide variety of educational videos curated specifically for education community. These TED Ed videos are explanatory tutorials and animations that cover a wide variety of topics.

TED Ed videos are ideal for flipped classroom learning. Teachers can sift through the videos created by other teachers and share them with students on TED Ed website. TED Ed allows teachers to build a lesson around any of these videos. They can also add questions to the videos that students can answer and get instant feedback on their answers. For those of you interested in learning about how to create flipped lessons using TED Ed,  read  this visual guide.

Below is a selection of the top 10 TED Ed videos in TED Ed video library on YouTube.  We have also added the links to the lessons attached to each of one of these videos. Check them out and share with your students

View the TED Ed lesson here