Teacher-tested Tools to Augment Your STEM Program

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June 3, 2015
A solid STEM curriculum is a top priority for many schools. Perhaps yours is one of them. If so, here is a selection of teacher-tested tools to augment your STEM program.

MathGames - A wonderful Math website for students that works on tablets, phones and desktops and tests over 1200 CCSS-aligned math skills.
 Learn how to program by solving fun logic puzzles.
 Create 3D models from an iPad and print them. Requires a MakerBot 3D printer.
Make games, stories, presentations, and more from an iPad, then share them via the Web.
 Study for the Algebra End-of-Course exam with this resource from the University of Florida and Study Edge.

Want more? Check out these collections of tools.

NIHF-STEM Blended Learning 
This one is curated by program specialist Susan Hall.
This is  curated by elementary school teacher Deborah Whipp.

By Mike Lee co-founder of edshelf.

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