Swoodle- A Great App for Co-editing Documents

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June, 2015
Swoodle is an interesting collaboration app. It allows users to collaborate, view and co-edit documents, PDFs, images and presentations in real-time. The app also integrates group video and voice messaging inside documents so collaborators can easily communicate and work on their files.’At the end of a collaboration you can allow everyone to save the files in its original format. If it's something you want others to view only, you can allow no one to save.’

Swoodle also supports device to device collaboration so that others who are connected to you can simultaneously view what you are doing as you scroll through your Microsoft Word document, Powerpoint presentation, PDF or series of images. Additionally, Swoodle is integrated with several document and storage provider platforms such as Dropbox, Google Drive and Box from which you can easily import or export your docs, powerpoint, images and PDFs.

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