Some of The Best Gradebook Tools for Teachers

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June 25, 2015
Here are some good web tools teachers can use to create and manage online grade books. These tools provide a plethora of features that enable you to calculate, save, and distribute grades to students.  Besides grading, these platforms also allow you to track students performance, record attendance, build students portfolios, document classroom learning and many more.

It is the number one online gradebook in class management system with more than 2 million  members. Engrade is completely free and is a great way to post class information for students and parents . 

2- Plan Boo Edu

Plan Book Edu helps you with your lesson planning and makes your plans available anywhere you go. It also lets you attach files, Common Core Standards, print, export to Word or PDF, and share with your colleagues.

3- GradeBook Pro

‘GradeBook Pro is a powerful and intuitive paperless classroom management tool. Record grades, attendance, and student performance in an app designed with busy educators in mind. GradeBook Pro is a complete solution, there are no in-app purchases, subscriptions, advertisements, limitations, or third party services to pay for.’

4- Class Builder
‘Quiz Maker is an easy to use tool that allows you to create quizzes, tests, and assessments. This online tool gives you the flexibility to create quizzes whenever and wherever you want, provided you have access to the Internet. You can automatically print multiple keys, change the order of questions, and include vocabulary on your quizzes. It has never been easier to create and organize your quizzes!’

5- LearnBoost

LearnBoost provides you with all the software you need to manage your classroom and school. It offers an online gradebook, lesson planning tools and many more.

6- Schoology

Use Schoology to manage your lessons, gradebooks, engage your students, share content, and connect with other educators.

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