Some Great Educational Resources for Teachers and Students from National Geographic Education

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June 12, 2015
National Geographic Education provides a treasure trove of educational resources to use with your students in class. The content provided aims at enhancing geo-literacy learning among students and raising their ecological awareness of a variety of ecological topics. The resources and programs featured in the site are developed with the goal of helping teachers and students lead ‘meaningful changes in understanding about wide-ranging topics in geography, social studies, and science and students' roles as citizens of the world.’ Here are some of the main resources offered by National Geographic Education:

1- Professional Development
This section features numerous resources and programs for K-12 teaching and learning. Examples of resources in this section include:

  A- Environmental Literacy Teacher Guides:
“ The guides provide content background for teachers, focusing especially on concepts that are challenging for students to learn. Each guide is focused on a single topic: climate, ocean, energy, or freshwater. The guides are aligned to both the California Standards and the EEI Model Curriculum. ”

  B- Media Literacy Videos: Film
“The video gallery Experiencing Film: An Active Approach shows teachers using dynamic instructional strategies to engage their students in the classroom.”

  C- Pictures of Practice: Classroom Strategies
“This collection of videos offers an in-depth look at effective classroom teaching strategies, focusing on media literacy and implementation, geographic concepts, and meaningful integration of technology.”

2- Teaching Resources
In this page you will find a wide collection of activities, lessons, ideas and several other materials to use with your students in class. All of these resources are arranged under different grade categories.

3- Student Resources
This section features educational content specifically designed for students. Some of this content include: homework help, interactive, videos, encyclopedic entries and many more.

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