Insights- A New Educational Tool for Creating Paperless Interactive Lessons

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June 25, 2015
The popular educational app TinyTap has recently released a new tool called Insights. This is basically a data management tool to help teachers access real-time analytics on data related to classroom teaching such as which lessons  students completed, how  they scored on them and how  they are improving.

Insights is designed to help you engage your students, improve grades, and save valuable time. You can use Insights for a variety of purposes including:

  • Formative Assessments: create tests, quizzes, and lesson reviews
  • Digital Homework: assign a lesson, track who played, see how they did
  • Project-Based Learning: let students build their own portfolios of interactive presentations

Some of the features provided by Insights include:

  • Build interactive lessons to engage your students
  • Assign lessons, quizzes and homework
  • Draw upon thousands of other free lessons created daily by educators worldwide
  • See how students perform and identify where they need help
  • Update students’ families with the click of a button

Here are some interesting video tutorials to help you make the best of Insights.

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