International Children's Digital Library Offers Tons of Free eBooks for Kids

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International Children’s Digital Library (ICDL) is an iPad app that offers a plethora of free books specifically selected for kids and young learners. The app is a fruit of the partnership between the University of Maryland's Human-Computer Interaction Lab and the International Children's Digital Library Foundation.

ICDL features a large collection of children’s books  from over 60 countries and in different languages. The books are provided in highly readable format with beautiful illustrations and graphics. The purpose behind this project is to “to excite and inspire young readers to become better world citizens by leveraging technology to reach underserved children who have little access to libraries. The ICDL is offered free of charge to everyone, everywhere with no advertising.”

Some of the features ICDL offers to its users include:

  • The full ICDL collection (thousands of books)
  • Completely free
  • Books in dozens of languages
  • iPad support for rotation (automatically shows two pages at a time in landscape view)
  • All books have summaries in English and the native language of the book
  • Special support for readability - by zooming text (for many books)
  • Many books translated into other languages