Educator-recommended Tools to Help Enhance Your Visuals

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June 17, 2015
Sometimes a good visual has a way of capturing one's attention. This can be important in a room full of varied attention spans. Here are some educator-recommended tools to help enhance your visuals.

1- Wixie 
 Create digital stories with text, artwork, and voice recordings.

2- Visme 
 Tell Better Stories and Visualize your Ideas into Awesome Presentations and Infographics. Use it free.
Get help with finding harmonious color combinations.

4- flaticon 
 Find and download free vector-based icons.

5- Patext 
 Write text along the path of any shape or curve you can draw with your finger.

Want more? Check out these shelves of tools.

6- Data Visualisation 
This is curated by educational developer Sue Beckingham.
This one is curated by classroom teacher Clara Cordero.

By: Mike Lee, Co-founder of edshelf
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