Aid Education with Historic Newspapers

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June 19, 2015
Britain is commemorating the centenary of the start of World War One. That's 100 years since the
start of the First World War.

Starting in 2014 and lasting until 2018, the First World War Centenary is the birthday of WW1. From
exhibitions and concerts to a movie and football match, a whole gamut of events will take place to celebrate the anniversary.

World War One is remembered, primarily because it was the first war fought on a continent wide
scale, from 1914 to 1918, and resulted in the League of Nations. If you’re looking to teach students about the significance of the First World War, why not do so with educational pack?

To explain further, the UK’s largest private archive of old newspapers, Historic Newspapers, stock
more than seven million genuine original newspapers in their ever-growing collection.
Looking after the world’s biggest private archive of original newspapers means Historic Newspapers
are exceptionally passionate about history. It’s for this reason they decided to select interesting and
important coverage from significant historical dates – all in the name of learning – with a view to
teach others about the past, as it was reported at the time.

Best of all, they’re offering these teaching packs completely free of charge – all of which are
available to schools, universities, libraries and accredited education establishments – to help
students discover the cause and consequence of historical events. 

A newspaper book is a wonderful way to teach children about World War One, as each newspaper is
filled with stories from eyewitnesses who were present at the time, making it a pleasurable way to
aid learning and engage a pupil’s interest and imagination. The World War One newspaper book can
be used to discuss the changing nature of conflict, the cooperation between countries, the shift of
alliances and the lasting impact of the war on national, ethnic, cultural and religious issues.
A newspaper offers teachers the chance to encourage chronological understanding, evoke a sense of
period and provides a framework to discuss today’s events in a historical context.

The World War I Pack contains a book of compiled newspaper coverage, including Battle of Loos,
Gallipoli Withdrawal, London Air Raid and War is Over. The other two education packs available
contain complete newspaper reprints on World War II and Major Events.