8 Good Android Social Studies Apps for Teachers and Students

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June 1, 2015
Social Studies education can be fan and way easier with these Android apps. From learning about the world countries to delving into the intricacies of human history, the apps we curated for you today cover a wide variety of topics and can be used across different subjects. For iPad users, check out this  list instead.

1- History in Pictures

“HISTORY In Pictures is an interactive guide to the latest pictures of historical events from around the world brought to you from several sources. The easy-to-use interface and photos brings history to life anywhere in the country. Whether you're on vacation or just running errands, the app makes it simple and to remember historical events!”

2- Learn World History

“Learn world history from the beginnings of civilization through 1900! This app helps you learn hundreds of key events thoughout world history. Learn World History contains two quizzes in one app. First, you can get a sense of the order of historical events by using the “Which Came First” quiz, in which you choose the first of two events to happen. Then learn exact dates with the “When Did It Happen” quiz, where you have to identify a specific year when an event occurred.”

3- United States Constitution

“This application is for all you constitution geeks. I wanted something that was easier to navigate than other applications I've seen, had a real table of contents broken down by articles, sections and amendments, didn't treat the first ten amendments like one giant inseparable document, was searchable, and contained other related documents, ideas, and trivia like the Declaration of Independence, Gettysburg Address, The Virginia Plan, The Great Compromise, ratification dates, and anything else I could think of that floats in that new Constellation of Liberty the Framers were shooting for two centuries ago.”

4- Smithsonian Channel

“Watch hours of video, test your knowledge, and keep up with Smithsonian Channel's original series and documentaries. This app includes a rotating selection of full episodes as well as over 1,000 short videos, "artiFACT" quizzes that are updated weekly, and an on-air schedule.”

5- Discovery Channel

“Watch thousands of clips and selected full episodes from Discovery Channel shows like Deadliest Catch, Gold Rush, MythBusters, and more!
Download the all-new Discovery Channel app and take Discovery everywhere you go!”


“ISTORY Go is a video app for Android phone and tablet devices. Watch full-length episodes and clips for all your favourite HISTORY shows like Pawn Stars, Swamp People, Vikings, American Restoration, Ice Pilots, Yukon Gold and more! Log in with your TV service provider for access to the full library of HISTORY content.”

7- Countries of The World

“Learn about the countries of the world - capitals, populations, languages, GDPs, religions, flags & more. Test your knowledge of world geography with quiz mode. Audio is included to help with pronunciation. Find countries using the interactive map, search, or index.”

8- World Map Atlas

“World Map Atlas is a great source of information to know about countries in the world. Now, you can read in your local language.
World Atlas is made with almost 250+ country information like capital, the country flag and a pointer to wiki to know more about the country.”

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