5 of The Best Android Apps for Learning A New Language

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Language learning has never been as easy as it is now particularly with the immense linguistic affordances provided by the web. Learners can have access to the best language resources and tutors, often for free, and right from the comfort of their living rooms. The net is teeming with all kinds of language-enhancing tools and platforms and now with the advent of mobile gadgetry, language learning is on the go. We have already compiled some good iPad apps for picking up a new language and today we are sharing another selection of apps but for Android users. The list below features some of the best language learning apps in Android app store.

1- Duolingo

Duolingo is a great web tool and mobile app for learning a new language. Duolingo provides a plethora of translation activities  through which learners get to practice their new language. Duolingo gamifies language learning by using a system of rewards for good achievements. It also gives learners the opportunity to translate real-world texts in the language they are learning and thus help other learners.

2- Busuu

’Learn a language with busuu on your mobile, at home or on the go! Used by over 50 million people worldwide and rated by Android as a “Must have app” for 2014, busuu is the fun and easy way to learn a new language in just a few minutes a day.’

3- Babbel

‘Discover the new way to learn languages. It's easy and fun for beginners and advanced learners. Just a few minutes a day strengthens your language skills. Download the app and try out the first lesson for free!’

4- Rosetta Stone

‘Learn to speak Spanish, Italian, German, French, English, or one of 19 other languages anytime, anywhere. Just download "Learn Languages: Rosetta Stone," our free language-learning app, and start building new language skills quickly and effectively with the proven Rosetta Stone® method.
Learning with our free mobile app is like having a personal language tutor. You’ll discover new vocabulary and grammar—and learn how to use your new language skills in conversation.’

5- Memrise

Millions of members worldwide use Memrise to learn over 200 different languages. Memories provides Multiple game modes drill different aspects of memory: Visual Learning, Review & Strengthen, Rapid Recall + more.You can choose from 1000s of courses in 100s of languages, all totally free and many more.