Best Origami Apps for Kids and Students

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Origami is an ancient Japanese work of art that involves 'folding paper into decorative shapes and figures’.  Origami is not only about creating beautiful designs but is also about stimulating the brain's cognitive capacities to engage in creative meaning-making activities. In fact, besides keeping restless kids busy, origami making has several cognitive benefits including helping kids develop  'logical skills, attention span, spatial thinking  and fine motor skills'.

Origami apps

The purpose of today's post is to provide you with a meticulously curated list featuring some of what I believe are the best origami apps out there. The apps provide a wide variety of video tutorials, step-by-step instructions, visual illustrations, and numerous tips to help kids and origami aficionados learn the art of turning paper into gorgeous work of art . For those of you interested in teaching kids the art of drawing, I recommend this collection of drawing apps

1. How to Make Origami

How to Make Origami app teaches kid the art of origami making using step by step instructions, origami videos and 3D animations. The app also offers over 80 traditional origami patterns for free download including Crane, Flower, Rose, Lily, Jumping Frog, Rabbit, Pigeon, Duck, Dinosaur, and more.

Compatibility: iPhone/iPad and Android / Price: Free, offers in-app purchases / Age: 4+

2. Origami Easy Creator

Origami Easy Creator provides video instructions to help kids and anyone interested in the art of Origami learn how to fold papers and create beautiful origamis. The app also includes step by step 3D directions to further facilitate the process of creating origami artwork. 'There are different levels of difficulty. You can advance from simple to complex figures at your own pace.'

Compatibility: iPhone/iPad and Android alternative/ Price: Free, offers in-app purchases / Age: 4+

3. WWF Together

WWF Together offers interactive stories of endangered animals such as pandas, tigers, polar bears, sea turtles, and more. Each animal has an origami that folds up enabling users to include it in images to share with others. The app also offers a treasure trove of resources and facts on animals, discussions and wildlife news, 'videos and image galleries, featuring photos and downloadable wallpapers by renowned environmental photographer Morten Koldby', and more.

Compatibility: iPhone/iPadPrice: Free / Age: 4+

4. Origami Paper SnipSnap

Origami Paper SnipSnap is another good origami app that allows users to create beautiful origami paper cut out. Users have the option to design their own origami paper cut out or trace from the collection of pre-made samples created by other users. Some of the features provided by Origami Paper SnipSnap include different folding options (e.g., 2-fold, 4-fold, and 12 fold), 16 origami paper colors, various categories (e.g., flowers, vehicles, food, animals, people, buildings, clothing, etc), and more. The add also has this handy functionality which enables users to animate their paper cut out by 'making it spin, scatter, shoot up like a firework, and more'!

Compatibility: iPhone/iPad and AndroidPrice: Free / Age: 4+

Origami apps

5. Origami Dinosaurs And Dragons

Origami Dinosaurs And Dragons offers a wide range of lessons and instructions to help users create origami dinosaurs and dragons using paper. More specifically, users will have access to instructions on how to create origami sea dragon, origami dragon with wings, origami Zaurolof, origami Stegosaurus, origami Ceratops, and more. 

Compatibility: Android Age: 4+, contains ads.

6. Origami - Fold & Learn

Origami - Fold & Learn is another good app to use to learn creating various origami designs. The app includes detailed instructions and illustrated diagrams to walk you through the process of creating over 36 origami shapes. 'Each type of origami fold is shown in a precise, visual guidebook included right in the app.' The app also includes folding guide and techniques for both beginners and intermediate origami creators. 

Compatibility: iPhone/iPad  / Price: $1.99/ Age: 4+

7. Origami Flowers

Origami Flowers, as its name indicates, teaches you how to create awesome origami flower designs out of paper. The app offers 15 flower shapes including tulip, lily, bellflower, cherry blossom, among others. And as is the case with its sister app Origami Fold & Learn, Origami Flowers embeds step by step instructions, illustrative photos, diagrams, and several other materials to guide users as they create their own work of art.

Compatibility: iPhone/iPad and Android / Price:  $1.99 / Age: 4+