4 Excellent Productivity Apps Gone Free Today

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June 19, 2015
Below are 4 excellent productivity apps that have gone free today. The offer is valid for a limited period of time and at least here in Canada and the US. Some of the things you can do with these apps include: create and manage to-do lists and checklists, track your projects and speed up your daily workflow, capture ideas, take notes and many more.

1- Work.JOT- Timesheet & Task List Management

'Work.JOT is easy to master and provides Amazing interface to manage Tasks & log Timesheet entries; so just JOT, Manage, Analyze, Report and make ‘Everyday Productive’. The app makes it easy to track your projects across various clients, Keep a log of cost incurred across projects and much more. Create monthly Timesheet & Task reports in PDF format.'

2- Pasteasy

‘Pasteasy  is a productivity app that simplifies and speeds up your daily workflow, saving you valuable time. It enables you to privately share the clipboard between your devices, so you can simply copy and paste to easily move content.’

3- Pocke Lists- Checklists & Reminders

‘Pocket Lists is a beautifully designed universal app for managing checklists and to-do lists, focusing on important tasks, and collaborating on checklists with your friends. The app excels as both an everyday to-do list organizer with sophisticated reminder functionality, and as a checklist app for groceries, travel packing, Christmas lists, and more.’

4- Ideaz- Keep Your Ideas in One Place

‘You know that you have an amazing idea, so you run as fast as you can to your mobile, open the nearest note app, writing your idea ,and the next week you can't remember what was your 'one billion dollar' idea, and where you've wrote it... For people like you IDEAZ app was made!’

Courtesy of Apps Gone Free

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