3 New Google Sheets Features You Should Know about

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June 15, 2015
Google Sheets for the web  released today a set of powerful new features to empower users with new ways to visualize and analyze their data. Below is a list of these main features:

1- Charts
Customizing your charts has become way easier. You can now add data labels to display the exact values of bars or points. You can even alter the shapes of your data points  in scatter charts or lines choosing from stars, triangles, pentagons and more.

2- Tools for analyzing your spreadsheet data
Google sheets has also introduced some new tools to use when working on your data. These tools include:

  • Preview formula results—instantly—as you type.
  • Filter rows and columns by conditions, including “greater than” and “text contains.” 
  • Add calculated fields to pivot tables when you want to apply formulas to pivot table data. 
  • Use the GETPIVOTDATA function to more easily retrieve data from your pivot table. 

3- Collaborating on Sheets
As the owner of the sheet, you can restrict who can edit your work. Now with this new feature, you will also be able to ‘warn folks who try to edit certain cells. This way you can collaborate with others, and remind everyone (even yourself) to edit with care.’

Courtesy of TNW.

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