VideoScribe- Create Animated Videos with Handwritten Drawings

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May 6, 2015
VideoScribe is a powerful whiteboard animation tool that enables you to add a variety of items to a whiteboard canvas. 'You can move around the items, add voice-overs and soundtracks and create videos that use different animations and drawing effects to take your audience through your story or topic in a visually engaging way.'

The way VideoScribe works is pretty simple. You add your multimedia items to the whiteboard canvas and VideoScribe will do the rest and turn them into beautiful animated videos. Some of the features provided by this tool include: thousands of professional images to add to your animations, a library of royalty-free original soundtracks, voice recording, adjust drawing times and sequences, export videos to camera roll and many more.

Video Scribe is available both as a web tool and iPad app. It also offers a special pricing plan for educators and teachers. Find more details from this page.

Watch the video tutorial below to learn more about VideoScribe: