Some Great Tools for Transcribing Audio and Videon Content

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May 27, 2015
Transcription softwares can be costly and hard to operate. This is particularly the case with those pro tools employed to transcribe lengthy audio and video recordings. Researchers use them to transcribe their data into textual input for analytical purposes. Examples of such tools are provided in at the end of this post.

For teachers and educators looking for simple and easy to use transcription tools, we would suggest the following: automated speech to text apps or audio players designed for transcription works.

1- Automated Speech to Text apps

Some of the best speech to text Chrome apps for automated speech to text transcription include:

The app is integrated with Dropbox and Google Drive so you can easily export you transcribed text to your various online accounts. Or your can send the text to any email address. Dictation uses Chrome's Local Storage to save the transcriptions and thus you'll never lose your work. There's no need for the Save button
B-  Dictanote

Dictanote provides you with a advanced rich text editor with an inbuilt multi-language speech recogniser. The latest version of Dictanote features QuickType, a faster than ever speech recognition engine using which you can actually write faster than normal typing.

Check out this post for more speech to text tools.

2- Audio Payers designed for transcription work

A- Transcribe

“Transcribe makes transcription of audio clips/recordings a breeze. If you have been struggling by switching back and forth between your audio player and word processor - Transcribe will make life much simpler for you!”

B- Google Voice

Google Voice is another good option to try. It can help you transcribe your voice memos as long as they are short and clearly articulated.

C- oTranscribe

This is a free web app to take the pain out of transcribing recorded interviews.Some of the features it provides include: Pause, rewind and fast-forward without taking your hands off the keyboard; Interactive timestamps to navigate through your transcript with;Export to Markdown, plain text and Google Docs…

Advanced tools include:

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