Over 600 Free Audio Books for Teachers and Educators

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May 8, 2015
Looking for some good free audio books? Open Culture has this huge list featuring over 600 free audio books. These materials are arranged into three main categories that include: fiction & literature, poetry,  and non-fiction. The fiction section has the lion’s share with over half of the titles included in the entire list. The audiobooks shared here come in different forms. Some of them are available through YouTube or MP3s, others are accessible via free streaming, and another category is available through iTunes or other platforms that provide audiobooks such as Audible.

We have gone through the list and we found some very good titles there. However, we recommend that you bookmark the page so you can keep checking it for new additions. You will also find a section at the end of this list entitled ”Audio Book Podcast Sites” where the folks in Open Culture have aggregated a list of some interesting audiobooks and podcasts providing services. Enjoy

Image source: Nicola Einarson

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