12 Mobile Learning Trends to Watch Out For in 2015

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May 7, 2015
We are at the juncture of a monumental period in the history of education where mobile technologies are driving learning.With the growing use of hand-held mobile devices and broad band Internet connection,  mobile learning has become ubiquitous practice. With raise of on-the-go learning, there emerged a range of promising learning trends that address different learning and instructional needs. This beautiful visual from Original Learning provides a succinct overview of some of the most popular mobile learning trends to watch out for in this year and beyond. Some of which include:
  • Flash to HTML5
  • Device agnostic design approach
  • Mobile app analytics
  • Multi-screen usage
  • Responsive web development for multi device consistency
  • Bite sized learning for performance support
  • Mobiles as devices for competency based learning
  • Gamified mobile learning and assessments
  • Geo-Location sensitive learning
  • Augmented Reality for mobiles
  • Social mobile learning
  • Wearable devices
productivity tips Courtesy of: eLearning Infographics

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