Here is How to Add Page Breaks to Your Google Docs

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May 5, 2015
If you try to print a long Google doc, chances are the printed version will probably look slightly different from the actual one. For instance, a header you set to appear at the top of a given page appears at the end of the previous page when printed out or when text does not flow smoothly between pages resulting in paragraph overlap. This is usually the case because the default settings in Google Docs are not set to properly format pagination of your document. The solution is to insert page breaks in your document. Page breaks have the added benefit of making your document look professional and organized and they also improve the flow of your text.

There are two simple ways to apply page breaks to your Google Doc. The first one is by clicking on the place where you want to add a page break then click on “insert” and select “page break”:

The second way is by using a keyboard combination of “command” and “return” for Mac. Watch the video below to see this hack in action.

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