GroupMap-A Good Tool for Boosting Students Visual and Critical Thinking Skills

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May 18, 2015
GroupMap is an excellent educational web tool for group brainstorming and decision making. It allows you to create your own map and invite others to contribute to it. GroupMap also provides a wide variety of pre-designed graphic organizer templates that teachers can use with students in class to engage them in critical thinking activities.

GroupMap is also a response system that supports real-time feedback and response collection. Teachers can see each students' contribution and assess it in real time. Teachers can either enable anonymous sharing so students won’t be able to see each others’ ideas or make it open environment with anyone being able to the group contributions. When done, teachers can use GroupMap’s reporting features to :"summarize the entire map instantly into web reports or excel; see how people contributed, and how they rated the activity; and provide evidence and transparency into the decision making process."

Some examples of the graphic organizer templates offered for educators include:

KWL Template:
“Learn a new topic. People can share what they know, decide on what they want to know then reflect on learning.”

Swot Analysis
“Have people add strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. People can prioritize the ideas so you know which are the ones that really matter for your strategic plan.”

Pros and Cons
“Helps teams decide which way to go by creating a ranked list of pros and cons and using dot votes to prioritise.”

KWHLAQ Graphic Organizer
“A planning and reflection graphic organizer for improving student learning. Upgrade your standard KWL to the 21st Century, taking students from recall and inquisitive questioning through to sharing what they have learned and how they will put it into action. “

GroupMap offers a 14 days free trail after which you will have to pay to use the service. Individual teacher subscription is $8/month and school account $1 a year per user.

Watch this video to learn more about GroupMap

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