An Excellent Lesson On How Students Can Use Scratch Jr for Digital Storytelling

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May 1, 2015
iPad Monthly is finally out today and we are sharing with you one excellent lesson it covered in its first edition. iPad Monthly is “a professional development [subscription-based] newsletter for teachers using iPads in the classroom”. iPad monthly is authored by  Apple Distinguished Educator and inspiring keynote speaker, Paul Hamilton. The first edition of this newsletter has been released today and includes 6 lessons:

Source: iPad Monthly
  • Lesson 1: Create digital stories using Scratch Jr
  • Lesson 2: Create Digital Math Manipulative Templates in Explain Everything by guest teacher Reshan Richards
  • Lesson 3: Create a Comic Debate using Comic Life
  • Lesson 4: Conduct a 2D shape investigation using the new paper and shape tools in Book Creator
  • Lesson 5: Inspire Creative Writing using Crayola Color Alive by guest teacher Drew Minock
  • Lesson 6: Create an interactive Narrative using The Adventure Creator 
First lesson:
In this video tutorial, Paul explains how students can use the popular app Scratch Jr as a form of digital storytelling. The scenario selected for this tutorial involves telling a story through the movements of a cat. The storytelling starts with setting the scene by selecting a background, then kids get to explore the movements of the cat by using different blocks to control its movements. The great thing about this activity is that kids gets to learn new coding skills while being engaged in digital storytelling. Watch the video to learn more.

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