6 Models of Blended Learning Teachers Should Know About

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May 16, 2015
In its basic and simplest definition, blended learning is an instructional methodology, a teaching and learning approach that combines face-to-face classroom methods with computer mediated activities to deliver instruction. The strengths of this instructional approach is its combination of both face to face and online teaching methods into one integrated instructional approach.

Blended Learning is a big concept, an umbrella term, that contains several other sub-methods. Below are the four models that are most used in schools today. According to Dreambox, the creator of this graphic, blended learning models are divided into 6 main categories:
  • Face-to-Face Driver Model
  • Rotation Model
  • Flex Model
  • Online Lab Model
  • Self-Blend Model
  • Online Driver Model
Read to learn more about each of these models

blended learning models
Curtesy of eLearning Infographics