10 Good Educational iPad Apps Are Free Today

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May 7, 2015
Below is a collection of important iPad apps that have gone free today. We have curated this list from the popular Apps Gone Free app. The apps featured in this selection span different areas such as productivity, word and math games, calendar apps and many more. We hope you find them useful. Again, this deal is valid at least here in Canada and the States and hopefully it’s the case for our readers in other places in the world.

1- Ask Me Colors and Shapes Preschool and Kindergarten Core Skills Preparation (Free now regular price $4,59)

“Sing along to a catchy rhyme and toe-tapping music as you learn to identify your colors and shapes with a cast of cute and colorful characters, foods, toys and objects.”

2-  Slide X Pro Slideshow Creator  Professional HD (Free now regular price $ 3,49)

“Bring the images of your favorite moments to life transforming them into gorgeous slideshow videos. Slide X is a simple yet powerful way to create truly unique video-stories from your favorite pictures, it has beautiful organic transitions, stunning filter effects, soundtracks and much more.”

3- Peek Calendar - Simple & Minimalist Cal (Free now regular price $ 3,49)

“Peek is a quick and simple to use calendar for your iPhone. It is designed to be glanceable and intuitive. Peek presents the essentials in a easy to understand manner, without overwhelming you with data you might not need for an on-the-go experience.”

4- Calendate - Most Stylish Calendar (Free now regular price $ 2.29)

Personalize your calendar with icons and themes. Enhance your planning with weather forecast and visual calendar view. Share your events with friends via email, message.

5- Numberama 2 (Free now regular price $1,19)

“Numberama 2 is the good old puzzle and probably the best time killer, that was popular in the universities and colleges at the 80's and 90's.  The objective is to cross out neighbouring (vertically or continiously) pairs of digits to completely empty the screen. You can cross out the same numbers or the ones that give a total of 10. “

6- Words With Monsters (Free now regular price $ 1,19)

“Words With Monsters is a word game with role playing game elements. Battle monsters with your words and spend their money on shiny hats.”

7- iAchievement - Gamify Your Life (Free now regular price $ 2,29)

iAchievement let you manage and track progress of your goals in a simple and inspired way. Some of its features include: progress tracking, fully customizable entry information, visualize your progress in a chart, 6 different color themes and many more.

8- Over (Free now regular price $ 2,29)

“Over is the app for adding text and artwork to your photos. Designed with mobile creatives in mind, Over features standard and custom-made fonts and well-crafted artwork combined with a sleek design, easy-to-use functionality, and immediate sharing ability.”

9- Sessions Pro - Real Time Log & Hours Tracker with Invoices (Free now regular price $ 1,19)

“Sessions is the easiest and most intuitive way to track how you spend your time. Easily create counters to track the time spent on various projects. Sessions counts the total time for each session running, so you know exactly when and how long you worked.”

10- Lost Souls: Enchanted Paintings (Free now regular price $ 5,79

“When a mysterious painting of a spooky old castle appears on the doorstep of Bella’s house, her happy and peaceful life crumbles to dust. Her child disappears suddenly and all police and FBI efforts to find him are in vain. Bella's only option is to enlist the help of some otherworldly friends. Join Bella as she travels through enchanted paintings, exploring the worlds within them. Pick up items you might need to solve brain-twisting puzzles and rescue Bella's son in this amazing hidden-object adventure!”