Tons of Free Online Philosophy Courses from Leading Universities

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April 28, 2015
In today’s post we are sharing with you a terrific resource we uncovered through Open Culture.  This is especially useful for philosophy teachers and students but is also ideal for anyone interested in learning more about the ‘mother of all sciences”: philosophy. Open Culture has this extensive list of free courses provided by a wide variety of leading universities and covering everything related to philosophical thought from philosophy of mind to Kant’s epistemology. The courses come in different downloadable formats that includes: video, audio and iTunes audio. You can browse through the selection and download the courses you are interested in and watch or listen to them at the comforts of your own couch.

Below are 10 of our favourite courses from the list. Check out the full list from this page.

1- Critical Reasoning for Beginners - Free iTunes VideoFree iTunes AudioFree Online VideoFree Online Audio + VideoMarianne Talbot, Oxford

2- Darwin and the Evolution of Thought – Free iTunes iOS Course – Clarence Mark Philips, University of New Orleans

3- Hegel: The Philosophy of History – Free Online AudioLeo Strauss, U Chicago

4- Heidegger: Being and Time - RSS FeedWeb SiteSean Dorrance Kelly, Harvard

5- Introduction to Philosophy – Free iTunes iOS Course – Mark Clarence Philips, U. of New Orleans

6- Kant’s Critique of Judgment – Free Online Audio- JM Bernstein, New School

7- Philosophical Problems – Free iTunes Audio – Jack Reynolds – La Trobe University – Australia

8- Philosophy of Mind - Free iTunes AudioFree Online AudioJohn Searle, UC Berkeley

9- Philosophy of Religion – Free iTunes iOS Course – Clarence Mark Philips, U. of New Orleans

10- The History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps - Free Course in Multiple FormatsPeter Adamson, King’s College London.