Some Very Good Tips for Designing Beautiful Presentation Slides

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April 23, 2015
Visage is a web platform that helps users create beautiful visual representations of their content. The website is still under beta request access. However, the site has recently published some interesting resources   that we want to bring to your attention. The first resource is an article titled "11 design tips for beautiful presentations”. In this post, Katy shares some very simple yet powerful tips that we can use to create visually appealing slideshows and presentations.

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As a teacher, you can share these tips with students and show them how they can create well-designed presentation slides using some very simple strategies that include , for instance:Avoid using built-in slide themes, avoid packing slides with too much textual output, forget about bullet points and build your slides in such a way that they tell a story, be judicious with the use of colours and fonts, use evocative pictures   and many more. Check out the full article to lear more about other tips together with more illustrations on each of them. Enjoy

Courtesy of TechChef4U through whom we learned about this resource.

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