Some Powerful Updates Coming to Google Drive and CLassroom

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April 11, 2015
Base on the suggestions and recommendations of users, Google is planning a bunch of new interesting updates for both Google Drive and Classroom.These releases are to be rolled out in the next coming weeks. Most of these updates are particularly focused on enhancing the sharing options within and across these services. Below is a brief review of these updates together with an illustrative  video  that outlines all of the new sharing features coming to Drive for Work and Apps for Education.

1- Set sharing settings by organizational units 
This is our favourite of them all. This new feature will allow teachers to have a customized sharing functionality on Drive which will let them share with people outside school (i.e. parents) while restricting students' sharing options to only within school.

2- Reset passwords quickly and securely
With this upcoming update, IT admins in schools will be able to allow students to securely reset their passwords so they don’t lose any valuable time waiting.

3- Share outside your organization more easily
With this option, things you share with others on Drive (e.g PDFs, docs, videos) can be accessed by recipients even without them having to have a Drive account.

4- Set up custom alerts to know when things happen
This is similar to Google Alert. When activated, Google Apps admins will be able to create custom alerts to notify them of things such as  suspicious logins, track Drive activity ( e.g. see see when files are created, edited, printed, downloaded and previewed in Drive).

Here is a video that features all the new features coming to Google Drive and Classroom

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