New Tools for STEM Education

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Looking for new ways to make STEM education more engaging? From fundamental math and engineering to hands-on electronics and robotics, here are some new products that have been creating a stir in various STEM communities.

A wonderful Math website for students that works on tablets, phones and desktops and tests over 1200 CCSS-aligned math skills.
Made by Google, this free resource aims to teach a diverse audience with online exercises, mentors, events, and more.
 Designed for children as young as four years old, this do-it-yourself robotics kit is made to look and feel like a toy.
In this do-it-yourself electronics kit, children as young as five play a modified Minecraft game that requires building things both virtually and physically.

Or, build your own laptop, including 3D-printing your own laptop case and accessories, with this do-it-yourself computer kit.

Want more? Check out these collections of tools.

Must Have STEM Tools 
This is curated by new tech extension coach Chris Beyerle.
This one is Curated by middle magnet school teacher Angie Bolster-Epps.

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