New- Google Released A New Feature for Downloading Search History

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April 20, 2015
Google has recently added a new feature which allows users to download their search history into a file that is automatically saved on Google Drive. Before, users can only view their search history. Unless you searched for things you don’t want your grandma to see, downloading your search history will enable you to keep a physical archive of all your Google Search activities. Of course this feature works only when you are logged in to your Google account and you have the History feature activated.

 However, before you create an archive of your search history, be forewarned of the following caveats as stated by Google:

  • Do not download your archive on public computers and ensure your archive is always under your control; your archive contains sensitive data.
  • Protect your account and sensitive data with 2-Step Verification; helping keep bad guys out, even if they have your password.
  • If you have decided to take your data elsewhere, please research the data export policies of your destination. Otherwise, if you ever want to leave the service, you may have to leave your data behind.

Here is how to download an archive of your search history:

1- Head over to your Account History
2- Click on the cog button in the top-right and select ‘download”

3- Click on "Create Archive"

Once done, you will get a notification in your Gmail with a link to the archived file on Google Drive.

Courtesy of TNW.

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