Excellent Tool to Teach Students about Digital Citizenship and Digital Literacy

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April 22, 2015
Digital Compass is a new tool released by Common Sense Media to help kids learn the fundamentals of digital citizenship and digital literacy through playing interactive games designed specifically for grades 6-9. The games came in the form of a simulation of the digital world we live in  and provides kids with an informed understanding of the implications involved in creating  digital identities.

Digital Compass is available as a web-based tool to be played online, the iOS and Android app is expected to be released soon. The game starts with a short  introductory video about the game after which  kids are prompted to select a character and dive in with it in its digital world. While creating a story for the selected character, students will engage with a variety of thinking and conceptual skills. They have to think strategically about how to create a  good digital path for their character, the decisions to take to solve unexpected problems and how to anticipate potential risks. All of this takes place within an immersive game-based environment that students will definitely enjoy.

Watch this video to learn more about Digital Compass

Thanks to Tom D'Amico and Shannon Miller through whom we learned about this resource.