A Wonderful Multi-purpose Rubric for Teachers

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April 20, 2015
We just came across this wonderful rubric on Edutopia’s Facebook page and we thought you might want to have a look as well. This rubric which is created by Cait Camarata, Edutopia's visual designer, is a multi-purpose sample. You can use it to assess and evaluate any kind of classroom activity whether it integrates technology or not. The rubric uses five criteria:

It assesses understanding of concepts, materials and skills used in activity.
Habits of Mind:
It assesses conceptual and thinking processes involved in the performance of the activity.
Reflection and Understanding:
This one evaluates students self-awareness and understanding of the content of the activity.
Assesses students skills in crafting and organizing their work.
This one evaluates time and effort put into completing the activity.

This rubric is available for free download and in editable form from this page. Google Doc version is also available. Enjoy.