4 New Google Classroom Features Teachers Must Know about

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April 21, 2015
A few days ago we posted here about some of Google Classroom’s upcoming features. Some of these new features were released yesterday and we bet you will love them. All of these features are geared towards enhancing team work and collaboration in Classroom class. Below is a brief synopsis of  Google Classroom's new releases and what you can do with them.

GoogleClassroom new features

1- Teaching teams
With this new feature teachers can now add other teachers to their Classroom class an allow them to have admin privileges. This is especially powerful to use with substitute teachers and teacher’s aide. When you add another teacher to you Google Classroom class, they will be able to do almost everything you, as the primary teacher, can do. Except for deleting a class, they  “can create assignments or announcements, view and grade student submissions, participate in the comments on the class “stream,” invite students and even get email notifications” and many more.

2- Prep for your classes in advance
This is another powerful collaborative feature which allows teachers to do some of their prep work in Classroom. Teachers can create announcements and assignments and save them as drafts for later release. And if you have added another teacher to your Google Class, they will be able to do the same, you can even edit each others’ posts and work on them collaboratively.

3- Autosaved grades
Now you don’t have to grade all of your students in a single session, you can  do your grading in multiple sessions and grades will be automatically saved so you can return them back to students at the same time.

4- Better notifications
Whenever a private comment is made on an assignment, teachers and students will receive an instant email notification.