200 Free Educational Documentaries for Teachers

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April 28, 2015
Looking for some interesting free documentaries to use in your class or probably use for your own professional and intellectual growth? This list from Open Culture has you covered. It features around 200 free documentaries spanning a wide range of topics from history to arts and science. All of these documentaries are provided with a short description about their content together with a link to the page  where you can watch them and read more about the contextual information surrounding the topic they cover. It will take you awhile to sift through the entire list but we are pretty sure you will come out with some good documentaries to share with your class.

Here are some examples of documentaries that stood out to us from the list. Check out the full list from this page.

1- Einstein’s Brain – Free – A strange documentary that follows Japanese scholar Kenji Sugimoto’s quest to find Einstein’s brain. (1994)

2- Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.: Man Of Peace In A Time Of War - Free – Documentary examining the life of MLK Jr. includes rarely seen footage.

3- The Distortion of Sound – Free – A documentary about the decline of sound quality and how technology has changed the way we listen to music. Features numerous musicians. (2014)

4- The Mystery of Picasso – Free – Pablo Picasso’s art emerges in front of our eyes in this remarkable film by the French master of suspense, Henri-Georges Clouzot. (1956)

5- The Story of the Guitar – Free – A three part documentary reveals how the guitar came to “dominate the soundtrack of our lives.” (2008)

6- What is Reality? – Free – Physicists give us a taste of reality in a world where nothing is as it appears. (2011)

7- Why We Fight – Free – A seven part series of WWII propaganda films directed by Frank Capra. (1943)

You can also check this page from Wikipedia where you can find more documentary films about education.
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