Two Very Good Apps to Enhance Students Reading Skills

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March, 2015
Below are two good Chrome apps to help students improve their reading skills. The apps provide reading practice using passages specifically designed to challenge learners reading abilities. Students will have access to a variety of built-in tools to assist them with listening to and practicing reading passages.And in the case of Fluency Tutor, they can even record entire passages and listen to themselves reading them aloud.

1- Read & Write for Google

Read&Write for Google™ offers a range of powerful support tools to help students gain confidence with reading and writing, including:

  •  Hear words, passages, or whole documents read aloud with easy-to-follow dual color highlighting
  • See the meaning of words explained with text and picture dictionaries
  • Hear text translated into other languages
  • Get suggestions for the current or next word as you type
  • Turn words into text as you speak 
  • Highlight text in documents or the web and collect for use in other documents
  •  Simplify and summarize text on web pages

2- Fluency Tutor

This is an app we learned from EdTech Guy. This is a web-based program allows students to open Fluency Tutor™ for Google reading passages in Google Drive.Some of its features include:
Allows students to open reading passages via Google Drive.
Provides support tools to assist students when listening to and practicing reading passages.
Allows students to record passages and listen to themselves reading aloud.