Two of The Best Tools to Create Spreadsheets on Chromebooks and Google Drive

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March, 2015
Below are two of the best tools you can use on your Chromebook to create, edit and share spreadsheets.The first one, Google Sheets, usually comes pre-installed on Chromebooks but if you don’t have it you can install it from the link below.For those of you seeking a powerful alternative to Google Sheets, Zoho Sheet is the best answer. Both of these are integrated with Google Drive so you can access, create, and share sheets directly from your Drive.

1- Google Sheets

This is by far the most popular application for creating and sharing spreadsheets. Google Sheets is available for all kinds of devices and platforms. All the sheets you create on Google Sheets are automatically saved to your Drive and you can access and edit them anywhere with Internet connection.

2- Zoho Sheet

“Zoho Sheet is an online spreadsheet application that lets you create, edit, and share spreadsheets on the web. You can collaborate with users/group/organization in real time. It comes in handy for business people, accountants, scientists, scholars, students and anyone who deal with tabular data and need to use spreadsheets. It can be used to work with large amount of data, functions, formulas, and charts. Hence it is very popular in the financial sector and other sectors where a lot of calculations is needed. It is a great online productivity application which businesses find extremely useful for collaboration. “