Three Awesome Apps to Enhance Kids Thinking Skills (Free Today Grab Them)

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March 20, 2015
Below are three excellent iPad apps to boost your kids higher level thinking skills. All of these apps are free today (at least here in Canada and also the US). Some of the things these apps provide include games, puzzles, brain activities all of which are geared towards honing kids conceptual skills such as : reasoning, observation, critical thinking, strategic thinking, and spatial cognition capabilities.

1- Winky Think Logic Puzzles (used to cost $3,49)

Slide shapes and match colors to solve 180 logic puzzles in the awesome game that builds your brain with hours of finger-twisting fun. From simple matching to complex games packed with obstacles, mazes and multi-touch action, Winky Think will stretch your fingers almost as much as your mind.

2- Brain Jumpo (used to cost $3,49)

Brain Jump uses kid-friendly stories and games to teach children the powerful idea that our brains can grow and get stronger if we take on challenges. The app was designed by teachers and neuroscientists to give children confidence and improved concentration when learning new things.

3- NedTheNeuron (used to cost)

The Adventures of Ned the Neuron introduces kids to the exciting science of the brain, with fun characters, story and activities. Join Ned the Neuron on his first day working in the brain and learn about what the brain does, what it is made of, and how we sense touch on our skin.