Loose Leaf- A Great App for Doodling and Creating Picture Collages

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March, 2015
Loose Leaf is a great iPad app for doodling, annotating and creating photo collages. It’s regular price is $5,79 but it is now free for a limited time. Students and kids can use this app to unleash their creativity and engage in innovative thinking using a variety of tools. Besides creating picture collages, Loose Leaf can also be used to design beautiful drawings and diagrams and for superimposing pictures. It is also a good tool for taking quick notes and annotations.

Loose Leaf has a very simple and intuitive interface and provides unlimited pages. Whatever kids create on a page can be easily shared to other apps or via social networks. Using “import” feature, kids can upload their images and other multimedia materials and work on them right in the app.
Watch this video to learn more about Loose Leaf

We learned about this app from Apps Gone Free app.