5 Great iPad Apps for Running Surveys and Polls in Class

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March 5, 2015
Surveys and polls can serve a wide variety of educational purposes. As a teacher, you can use them to initiate quick formative assessments, gather informal feedback on your students learning, run mock exams, learn about students interests and learning pace to mention a few. You can also use them to evaluate your own teaching strategies and gain an insider look into your instruction. Upon your request, we have compiled some of the best iPad apps you can use to create  surveys and polls. Check out the list below and as always, share with us what you think of it.

1- AnswerGarden

This audience participation tool allows you to pose a question or a topic for your crowd to answer or comment on. The unique twist of AnswerGarden is that it cleverly combines the expression of the respondents’ own answers with a Twitter-like confinement of 20 characters and a representation in the form of a word cloud. The end result provides a quick overview of all answers, ranked in popularity, which can then be used for further analysis or group discussion.

2- PollDaddy

Load your survey, rotate the iPad or iPhone’s screen and present Polldaddy to people you’d like to hear from in your town or city. The generous screen size and easy to use interface make it a cinch for everyone to take part and share their perspectives with you.

3- Poll Everywhere

The free Poll Everywhere mobile app is perfect for responding to polls, presenting polls, and clicking through PowerPoint presentations. Use it to respond to polls, poll an audience and Powerpoint clicker.

4- Survey Maker

Get feedback in the moment. Create your own simple surveys in seconds. Collect responses in person right on your iPad and iPhone, or poll via email, text, link, Twitter, or Facebook.

5- SurveyPocket

SurveyPocket provides the ability to administer user-created surveys offline. Once the iPhone or iPad has an internet network connection, the conducted surveys can then be uploaded to your Survey Analytics account. With this capability, surveys can be given without the concern of losing the survey data that is collected while offline. With each survey taken, while connected to the internet, the GPS location is also recorded to show where the survey was given.