Here Is A Good Way to Grade and Annotate Google Drive Files

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March 25, 2015
Looking for a good tool to help you annotate files on Google Drive? Challkup is the answer. Chalkup is a great web tool that allows teachers to create classes and share different study materials on a message board that students can access in real-time. Chalkup lets you post discussion prompts, add comments to discussions, distribute announcements and assignments and view files.

Chalkup also provides a very good functionality called MarkUp annotator that allows teachers to easily annotate files and documents they receive from their students. MarkUp is ideal for grading students assignments. It lets you comment, draw and highlight right on the file and students can always submit additional versions of the file. Chalkup has recently integrated rubrics for teachers to use when assessing students assignments and projects.Watch the video below to learn how to use rubrics for grading: