Get The Most out of Google Maps with These Excellent Apps

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March, 2015
Google Maps is an excellent tool to use with students to develop their spatial thinking. Beyond getting driving or walking directions, this tool enables students to discover the world right from their classrooms. It is also a very good way to teach students about geography concepts, distance measurement, map readings and other fundamentals of mapping such as longitude, latitude, locations and many more.

Today, we are introducing you to 3 interesting extensions that you can use on your Chrome browser to get the most from Google Maps.

1- Tools for Google Maps

This extension provides you with several tools to use with Google Maps including distance Measurement,Query LatLng on Google Maps, Geography Encyclopedia, Capture screen of Maps and many more.

Watch the video below to learn more about Tools for Google Maps

2- Mini Maps
It is a handy tool to look up the map of any location in the world and explore its nearby places of interest. It is simple and easy, without leaving your current page. 

3- Send to Google Maps
"Send to Google Maps allows you to send a selected address or POI on any website directly to Google Maps. This extension adds an item to the Context Menu if text is selected. By right clicking on the selected text the context menu opens and you can click on "Send address to Google Maps".

Courtesy of Lifehacker