Excellent Checklist for Online Professional Learning

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March 7, 2015
Today we are sharing with you this interesting checklist designed to help educators, teachers and school leaders evaluate online tools for professional learning. This checklist is part of a toolkit developed by a group of educators that include Sheryl Nussbaum from whom we learn about it.

 According to the Office of Educational Technology, this checklist can be used for a wide variety of reasons. For instance, individual educators can draw on it to ‘select learning experiences in which to participate’, it can also be used by district leaders and administrators to help them ‘identify effective online learning options to recommend for their educators.

The learning events or categories included in this checklist are : webinars, hashtag Twitter chat, online conference, MOOCs, online courses, and online communities of practice. Based on the criteria provided for each category, you will be able to evaluate each learning event using  the corresponding color code: ‘red (does not meet the criteria), yellow (meets enough of the criteria), or green
(meets most of the criteria). ‘. There is also a notes section where you can add comments on your selections.

Professional Learning Checklist is available for free download from this page.