Some Very Good Chrome Tools to Annotate and Edit PDFs

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PDFs (portable document formats) are probably the most popular document format we use in our daily work as teachers and educators. As such, we deemed it important that we share with you this list of  some interesting tools to help you  do more with your PDF files.  These Chrome apps will allow you to edit, annotate, convert, view, fill forms and share PDFs. Some of these add-ons (such as the first two in this list) are also integrated with Google Drive.

1- DocHub

DocHub is a tool that you can use to perform a variety of tasks on your PDFs and documents. It lets you sign, edit and share your PDFs and docs. You can also use it to fill forms, merge documents and create templates.

2- Notable PDF

This is another popular app that allows you to both view and annotate your PDFs. Annotating features offered by this add-on include:  highlighting, underlining, strikethrough, posting comments and notes, add text and many more.It can also help you collaborate, gather feedback, and work with other people in real-time.

3- PDF Compressor

PDF Compressor is a very handy tool when it comes to reducing the size of your large PDF files.”The files you upload and generate on the site are deleted permanently from the server within one hour after the upload. “

4- Merge PDF

This is a very good app to use for combining multiple PDFs. The process is pretty simple, you either upload or drag and drop your files to the app’s interface and the upload will start right away. Once uploaded you then preview your pages, change their order or even delete whole pages. When done click generate and the app will automatically download the merged files to your Drive.

5- Image to PDF Converter

As its name indicate, this add-on lets you easily convert your images into PDFs. It works with different image formats and you can upload either a single image or multiple images.

6- Word to PDF

Word to PDF is another app by the same developer as the previous one. This add-on enables you to easily convert your document files into PDFs.