A Beautiful Visual on How Technology Is Transforming 21st Century Education

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March 14, 2015
Technology is radically transforming the education landscape.The technological innovations and digital progress that marked the last two decades have brought a massive change in the ways education is being conceptualized and delivered, bigger than anytime in the history of mankind. Pessimists would call it technological determinism but we see it as a new window of opportunity into the vast horizon of learning.

According to “Bringing Our Schools into The 21st Century Infographic”, some of the opportunities provided by technology for education include:
  • High speed connectivity which will enable a wider access to the net
  • Cloud based storage capabilities which will, among others, help develop a professional educational culture, enhance communication and improve knowledge sharing.
  • Digital portfolios will be commonplace among students. They will be heavily used to demonstrate knowledge and showcase achievements
  • Game-based learning will be incorporated into the 21st century learning on a larger scale.More students will be using learning designs integrated in games to practice and improve their problem-solving skills and creative thinking competencies.
Read on to learn more about the opportunities technology opens for the 21st century education
Opportunities afforded by Technology for 21st Century Education  Via Teachers Degrees
Courtesy of eLearning inforagphics