4 Important Tips from Google to Help You Stay Safe Online

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March 18, 2015
A few weeks ago we shared here a post featuring 12 security tips to help users browse the net safely. Today we are adding another four tips we came across through Google Chromebook help page. You can share these tips with your students to raise their critical awareness to the possible ways they can use to  secure themselves while surfing the web. Tip number two in the list is specifically for people who have accounts with Google.

1- Create strong and unique passwords
Never use a single password for all the accounts you have online. Try to use different passwords and make sure you remember them.

2-Enable 2 step verification for your account
Once you activate the 2 step verification on your Google account, each time you want to log on to your account you will be asked to type in a code sent to your phone.

3- Keep your browser updated
Keep an eye on the new updates for your browser and try to install them as soon as possible. The same with updates for operating systems. Chromebook users are automatically notified each time a new update is available.

4-Be wary of suspicious sites and emails
“Even though they may look official, some emails or sites may compromise your personal data. Never enter your password on an unfamiliar site from a link in an email. Google will never ask you for your password or other sensitive information.”