Two Excellent Educational iPad Games Are Free Today

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February 9, 2015
Below are two interesting iPad apps that have gone free today ( free at least here in Canada and the States, not sure if these apps are free elsewhere). The apps are basically two educational games for young learners. ABC Phonics Rhyming Words is a fun game designed to help kids learn and practice phonics through matching pairs of words. The second game, Power of Three,  is an interactive app that takes readers through a journey of discovery through puzzles, exercises, history references, hidden games and many more.

1-Power of Three

"The App encourages readers to imagine themselves as members of the library class, participating in and sharing as many ideas as they can, doing some matching exercises, and throughout the story, urging the virtual students to get "fired-up," finding the magic of learning, discovering their own abilities and utilizing their own talents."

2-ABC Phonics Rhyming Words

"By matching rhyming words, this game helps children recognize common word patterns, and understand how the initial consonant, middle vowel, and ending consonant affect pronunciation.  They will learn to distinguish between long and short vowel sounds, and they will learn to pronounce consonant combination, such as "ch" and "sh". These are all important stepping stones to becoming a proficient reader."

Courtesy of Apps Gone Free