The Popular Sticky Notes HD App Is Free Today Grab It

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February, 2015
Sticky Notes HD is one of our favourite note taking apps out there. It has gone free today (at least in USA and Canada). With Sticky Notes HD, you can jot down notes, set reminders and alarms for your notes, and access your notes anywhere you go.  You can also create note pics with different backgrounds  using  awesome graphics.

You can personalize your notes using multiple stylish theme colours and customize their size, alignment, order, text size, color and font. use different color-codes or prioritize stickies to organize your notes. Sitcky Notes HD offers 20 beautiful colours to choose from so you can easily sort through and find your notes.

Sticky Notes HD also allows you to sync all your notes on your devices using iCloud. You can also share your notes from inside the app through mail, social networks, or messages. And if you want to protect your notes, you can use 'password protect' feature to make them inaccessible to others.

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