PDF to Word- An Excellent App for Converting PDFs to Word Documents

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February 4, 2015
Creating and managing documents has become more meaningful since Microsoft’s introduction of the free Microsoft Word app for iOS in 2013, enabling everyone to view, edit and share their MS Office files from the convenience of their favorite mobile device. However, this app unlike its desktop version, Microsoft Word 2013 doesn’t allow editing of PDF files.

Teachers are dealing with PDF files on a daily basis, because of its multiple benefits when it comes to sharing and viewing documents. The PDF is well known for its optimized cross-platform availability. But like all other things, it has its downside - the lack of editing features.

That drawback makes it hard for people to combine different documents, or extract certain parts of text for classroom projects. People frequently encounter this obstacle, since almost every electronic resource is neatly packed into a non-editable PDF file.

The solution for this problem lies in PDF converter apps, which have a nifty way of giving users the ability to convert PDF files using their favorite sidekicks: iPads and iPhones.

An app that is good at this is PDF to Word app for iOS devices. This app accurately converts PDF to Word, preserving the original layout of the document and providing users with a .docx output file format, which is fully editable in both MS Word and Google Docs.

Here is how you to use PDF to Word app:

1- Open the PDF file click the information tab in the upper right corner. Select Open In.

2- Select PDF to Word from the list of programs. 

3) The conversion will automatically start and you will quickly receive the converted file.

Another perk of this app is that it offers free PDF conversions without any limits to the file size. The premium upgrade allows users to skip the (occasional) conversion queue that free users experience, and allows them to convert their files in a heartbeat. People who want to use the app for free will find the short waiting time perfectly acceptable, especially because the high quality of the conversion is the same, regardless of user status