New- Goole Released Educational Kickstarter Guides for Teachers

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February 15, 2015
Google has recently rolled out App Kickstart Guides which is a collection of interesting guides, tutorials and tips to help teachers and educators better use specific apps provided by Google play for Education. According to Google, these explanatory guides are meant to :
  • Get you acquainted with the different features and functionalities of the apps
  • Provide you with examples of how to use these apps in your teaching
  • Push you to think about other innovative ways to use the apps for your own personal development.
And concerning how to use these guides, Google suggested three major ways:
  • Self-paced by a teacher. Just walk through the slides and follow the instructions
  • For a technology integration specialist or instructional coach to deliver as professional development for a group of teachers. 
  • Used in a PLC during a collaborative planning session
As of right now, Google provides kickstarter guides on the following apps:
Courtesy of Educational Technology Guy

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