A Very Good List Featuring 40 Questions to Develop Students Reflective Thinking

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February 9, 2015
After the popular PBL checklist,  Edutopia has recently shared this wonderful list of reflection questions. The list is realized by Whitfield Career Academy to help students develop and embrace  reflective habits in their work. Reflexivity and self-reflection are two key skills for an optimal learning experience. They allow students to not only critically appraise their learning and identify areas of weakness and strength but also increase their critical awareness of the metacognitive processes involved in their learning. These 40 questions embedded in this list are ideal for enhancing students' metacognitive abilities.

The questions are divided into 4 major categories:

1-Backward looking : 
These questions engage students in  retrospective assessments of their  learning.

These ones are meant to help students explore  their inner selves and identify how their learning connects with them as individual learners.

3- Outward-looking:
The questions in this category are designed in such a way that allow students to view their work from an outsider perspective. They enable them to embrace the role of onlooker and assess their work externally.

4- Forward-looking:
These questions build on the previous sets of questions to enable learners to conceptualize their learning for future purposes. And as Dewey stated, an educative experience is one that connects the past with the present to prepare for the future.

The list of these 40 questions are available for free download in PDF format from this page. Enjoy.

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